You may have often said to yourself “wish we could own a home near the sea”but you just could not afford it. Now you can! Make your dream come true at a fraction of the cost. Own your own vacation home for 4 weeks each year one week in every quarter and experience each season along the sc coastline.

Unlike partnerships or traditional time shares intervals are deeded and can mortgaged, willed or passed on to the next generation. The house or a condo is developed by an individual or group and often divided into 13 shares or intervals, each interval equaling 4 weeks per year, one week a season.

A homeowners association is formed to govern the property through budget dicussions, planned improvements, elect officers and plan meetings. Usually a management company is hired to deal with the upkeep and maintence of the property on a daily and weekly basis. Their fee is included with the rest of the typical cost of maintaining and keeping a property such as taxes, insurance, utitiles, landscaping maintence, weekly and annual cleaning, etc. This results in a yearly budget which is then divided up equally and charged to each owner. These hoa fees are often less than renting a vacation home for a week.

So many families enjoy their vacations at a familiar location returning year after year often to the same property. These families have been looking for a solution to their beach home dreams. If this sounds like you, interval ownership may be the right solution for you. Instead of renting a vacation home for 2 to 4 weeks each year and then having only the memories to show for it, you could own those weeks. The financial freedom of interval ownership with the peace of mind that it brings for you and your family over the years are what make this a perfect fit for your beach home dreams. Interval homes and condos come completely outfitted and furnished… just show up and start making memories. All the lifestyle at the fraction of the cost!